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Adrian Morina is a painter and sculptor whose works have been showcased in exhibitions across Europe and North America. He began painting at an early age although during his school years he was greatly interested in science and math. While it is easy to detect the artist’s earlier connections with exact sciences, his skillful use of color, his imagination, and his technique in stone, wood, and metal remain the focus of his works.

Adrian Morina lives and works in New York City. He is an SVA graduate and has taken classes at the Art Student League of New York. His works echo his exploratory nature and sense of adventure. His body of work reveals his skepticism towards levels of hierarchy and systems of order. Colors on his work are bold, screaming for attention but still very much in harmony within the space they share.

Shapes, statements, systems of beliefs are questioned, dissected, and deconstructed. If one fragment within a piece makes an argument that is quickly negated by a new series of forms next to it, he still sees them as elements of one entity, embracing contradictions. Continuity arises from opposing forces. Deception is immortal and a finite existence is irrelevant.